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Open enrollment for ObamaCare is from October 1, 2013 to March 31, 2014.  During that period over 44 million uninsured and underinsured people will need to sign up for health insurance.  With a limited number of agents available, that number of people will overwhelm the system. 

That is where we come in.  It is our job to help educate people about their choices and get them a priority spot in line to speak with a qualified agent about their healthcare plan.  By getting people in line early, we will make sure that they have time to make an informed decision and have the best healthcare plan available to them.

On the registration page there is a short form for you to fill out in order to get more information and reserve a place in line with one of the licenced health insurance agents.  Make sure you fill out all the information correctly and thoroughly so we can provide you with the best information and advice.

Remember, it is the law.  Why wait to find out if you qualify for free or reduced cost healthcare insurance.  Register now and be one of the first to qualify.